Looking for building or carpentry work in Queenstown?

Whether you are newly arrived here in Queenstown or are a more permanent local, if you are a fellow builder or carpenter with high standards and a desire to build leading edge structures of excellence, then Bayshore Builders could be the place for you.

Who we are...

Our Mission, building is the future.

And we are passionate about that future.

As a member of the Registered Master Builder Association we pride ourselves on our commitment to building excellence and we know that excellence is down to the high quality of our team. We build our relationships on a great reputation and that reputation begins with us and the values we hold.

Our Values & Culture

We have a strong ethic and focus on culture. This serves and supports our team to be the best at what they do, whilst also enjoying the challenges and triumphs of pursuing excellence. These are the core values that keep us accountable, hold us to the highest standards and ensure that all our team thrives.


We commit 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the culture and success of Bayshore Builders current and future team, and its clients at all times.


We take ownership in our work. We are proud of our workplace and the work we produce


We always speak the truth. What we promise is what we deliver. We only make agreements that we intend to keep.


We are dedicated to delivering products and service of exceptional quality. 


We speak positively of our fellow team members, our clients and Bayshore Builders in both public and private. 

Team Work

We work as a team and do whatever it takes to achieve team goals. We focus on co-operation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise.  We ask for help when we need it and are compassionate to others who ask us.


We are consistent in our actions so our clients and fellow team mates can rely on us. We are disciplined & dedicated in our work and our results, growth and success reflect this.


We know life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated and we create an atmosphere of fun so all around us enjoy it as well.


If you have an attitude of excellence and want to work in a team where you can thrive and strive to be the best, then get in touch with our hiring team. 

We are currently on the look out for that next legendary builder or carpenter to join us in making their mark on the Queenstown building industry, email your CV to info@bayshorebuilders.co.nz with a cover letter, details of your experience and why you could be our next legend.